Our Program

We are now scheduling programs!  Teachers, nurses, and Wellness Center staff are invited to call or email us anytime to schedule programs for your female students.  

If caught early, breast cancer is very treatable. That's why we provide our free breast health education program to high school girls throughout Delaware. We want them, and their female relatives and friends, to be knowledgeable and proactive so that they will find any problem early.

  “Taking Care of Yourself”  

  • Reaches out to all Delaware public and private high schools
  • Informs about important life-style choices for teens
  • Demonstrates Breast Self Exams via our AstraZeneca funded video
  • Provides breast forms for tactile discovery of typical breast lumps
  • Explains the Facts and the Myths about breast health
  • Offers an extensive Question and Answer sessions
  • Conducts Pre-and-Post tests to assess knowledge gained
  • Distributes educational materials for students and family members

We're there to help these young women to establish healthy practices that will last a lifetime. And practices that they will share with their female relatives and friends.

To schedule a program for the female students in your school, just call us at 302-658-1545.

Or email us at BBHI@comcast.net