Our Feedback


“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer after I taught her how to do a breast self-exam. I will do everything I can to protect myself. Thank you BBHI for teaching this information to us.”

“I found a lump in my breast last month. I attended BBHI’s presentation three years ago and have been doing a BSE monthly. I would never have found the lump if it weren’t for BBHI. Thank you!”

"My name is Jennifer and I attend a private school in Wilmington. In 2008, your presentation in my freshman year about self-exams was presented to my Health class. I just want to thank you for the education you offered us. As a result, I found a lump in my own breast that is now scheduled to be removed. Without your presentation, I would not have found it and it would have caused further complications Keep spreading your message. Again, thank you!"